A Drop in the Ocean


Dr. Dain Heer

A drop in the Ocean

English / hardcover

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A few years ago my sister Sarah made a collection of her favorite memes of mine, and gave it to me for Christmas.

It was beautiful – it made me cry … happy tears.

Officially, a “meme” is a little graphic with an inspirational, brain-bending or funny quote, that is shared through social media.

For me, a “meme” is so much more than that!

For me, a meme is created in that split second when a combination of words or sentences go PING energetically and I know that this needs to go further, the whole world requires this.

This book is all those pings my sister compiled for me: THE DROP IN THE OCEAN.

We are not either the drop or the ocean. We are the drop and the ocean simultaneously.

What ping do you require today?


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